Summer Favorites

There are certain products i love using during summer for a fresh look and today i am gonna show you my favorite cosmetics, mainly the lipsticks i wear the most!
I am not one of these girls that spend a fortune on cosmetic products because I’d rather save the money for something better , meaning clothes, and secondly , why buy an expensive lipstick when you can find the exact same color with less money? I have been using cheap products for years and trust me, my skin and face are perfectly fine despite the nonsense i keep hearing about allergies. These are false rumors spread by the big cosmetic companies. Also they last pretty long!
So anyway, these are my top favorites!


Old and faithful shimnery pink! I love the texture of this lipstick, it is light and smooth, not too pink or too shimnery, can be worn all day long!


This Baolishi lipstick cost like 2 euros, and it tastes like bubblegum! It doesn’t fade and it’s not sticky. One of the best lipsticks i have ever worn!


The passion fruit color is a fave. It is sexy and it looks good on every girl. Makes the lips look juicy and tasty! For a date, this is the one you should wear!


Beige/flesh colored shade perfect for morning, the ultimate color for a natural look. It lasts about 5 hours, you don’t need to apply again and again!


The color of this lipstick is fluo pink,  a very girly playful shade ! It makes the lips stand out and it can be worn with pretty much everything. It can be daring but as a brunette i love it and i suggest you try a more risky shade!




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