Things that need to make a comeback in fashion

I’ve been thinking lately, while i observe what people wear nowadays, that there are certain fashion trends that should be timeless and always present no matter how fashion changes as the years go by. It’s probably because I recently watched Clueless again, a movie which left huge impact fashion-wise in 1995 and also reminded me that even though the 90s had some really ugly fashion elements, there were pretty much iconic and this is what’s missing nowadays.

I’ll start with the easy ones. I bet most of you wore a choker sometime in your life; i used to wear one when i was in my pre-teens and i truly loved, i even dived in the sea wearing my beloved grungy choker.

2. Moody rings. Yes, moody rings! They allegedly changed color along with your mood. I don’t recall a huge color difference but they were pretty!

3. Gotta have a smoking body for this but wearing bustiers under a blazer was the top trend in the late 80s- early 90s and it seems like Riri, who recently received the Fashion Icon Award by Anna Wintour wearing that controversial shimmery gown which I totally loved, is making an attempt to bring it back.

4. Shoulder pads. Now these seem to be making a comeback but they are not worn as passionately as 30 years ago. Pads were an essential part of the outfit; they added volume and petite girls loved them just for that. Pads can be super classy and even though I was never a big fan when i was younger, i’d definitely try them on now!

5.School girl skirts. Do it like Britney Spears, whose style in the Baby One More Time video influenced our generation. These look so cute but also innocently sexy especially with white shirt folded just above the bellybutton. I remember all the girls coming to school wearing their hair in pigtails, in skirts like these, and i was being jealous cause i didn’t own one!

6. Clueless IMPACT. Plaid coats, berets, thigh high socks and short little skirts. That coat with the matching skirt is amazing. It looks playful, preppy and stylish, something that could be worn nowadays with some more modern details.

7. Ruffled tops. These were the IT thing of 2002. I used to own one in baby pink and white. They are so romantic and adorable I cannot help but feeling nostalgic. They made feel as if i were a Mexican soapopera star and that was my childhood dream which i will narrate in another post. Ruffled tops i love you, you were the cutest trend ever.

8. 50s bathing suits. These are probably my favorites. Not only they hide unflattering areas of the body, they are super SEXY and beautiful. I find them way  hotter than the brazilian cut bikinis, seriously. This bathing suit hugs the body, shows off curves and hides flaws, doesn’t leave annoying tan lines, it is the ideal swimwear for ALL women! Bring it back!

9.Glitter Jeans. Again, another 2002 trend which had taken over all the teen girls. A classmate owned a pair of these which looked so amazing I started looking for similar ones. Glitter jeans were always worn on weekends and at parties; the iconic outfit of that year combined ruffled tops and glitter jeans, a combination no one would try nowadays because let’s face it : we love jeans but glitter? Seriously? Isn’t that a bit over the top? My pre teen self ADORED these but now i’m actually cringing at the thought of putting on these jeans again. So glitter jeans, sorry but don’t come back…ever.


One thought on “Things that need to make a comeback in fashion

  1. I just recently saw Clueless and have been fangirling it for the past 2 days! I just love all the fashion trends, and am dying for them to make a comeback. I have read in some magazines and sites that it is, but others speak nothing of it! I just hope so! Thanks for this post because I definitely agree!

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