Beyonceʹs Evolution

We all know who she is. We all know her hits, her personal life, her style, her legacy. This post is going to be long, cause it is about Beyonce and her album which was a surprise release, but a good one neverthless. 


I’ve never been a big fan of Beyonce and her music. Sure, I loved her hits but that was just it. There was something about Beyonce that irked me, plus her albums had been pretty much below average in terms of music. I thought and I still think she is OVERRATED. That’s right, Beyonce is overrated, as much as some of her hardcore fans protest. Her music is repetitive, shows no signs of versatility and she gets the writing credits for songs she never wrote ( Why does she do that? It’s okay to let others write your songs, Bey, it doesn’t make you less talented). Her performing skills cannot be questioned; Beyonce is a top notch performer. She brings it on stage and she surely knows how to entertain a crowd. I would definitely attend her show because when it comes to performing she puts other pop girls to shame. Kudos to her.

After her latest surprise album release ( a smart marketing strategy considering the album is not radio friendly) i’ve been listening to it non stop. I didn’t expect i would find myself so into this album. It was consistent, different from anything she’d done before, more mature and with better songs in it. Beyonce stepped up on her game this time and offered an album which showed actual evolution. The critics praised it, and it will probably slay the Grammys next year cause well, it’s Beyonce and Beyonce gets as many awards as possible each time. There were a few songs that were fillers (predictable ballad about her daughter, a song with Frank Ocean i didn’t care about etc) but the rest of the material was enjoyable. My favorites were the racy songs, cause this album is the most explicit Beyonce album ever released.  She claimed she wanted to sing about fantasies because it’s part of human nature. We all agree and she pulled it off. My favorite one is called Partition and the video is better than the song itself, but i’ll get there later.

Beyonce touches all the feminine aspects in this album: vanity, love, motherhood, betrayal, sensuality. My main problem is the amount of the sexual songs even though i liked most of them, i found them a stretch. The main complaint is that Beyonce sings about herself again; guess what, she does but this time it’s not only about how perfect she is as she flaunts her flaws in Jealous, No Angel and Mine, (not gonna talk about Pretty Hurts cause the song strikes me a little pretentious). A positive change since Beyonce does get carried away sometimes. It’s a Beyonce thing, which i first noticed when i watched her Life is But A Dream documentary. For an hour and a half she kept babbling about herself, her talent, her family, her gratitude towards God for making her so successful. I thought, why would anyone watch this documentary? I couldn’t help but compare it to Shakira’s Live And Off The Record documentary which was an insightful footage about fame, life and poverty. Beyonce not only talks about herself in her songs and documentaries, but she does that when she is on stage too. How many times has she referred to her past accomplishments? Watch Live At Roseland and you’ll see.

The visual aspect of this album is the most interesting part.

Beyonce played with her style in every video. The fashion was on point; she wore designer clothes carefully chosen and apt for each video.

Haunted, Mine and Heaven are incredible in terms of concept and fashion. Remember when everyone called Beyonce a thief? Well, this time she did it and she didn’t copy anyone. Congrats, Bey.


Wearing Ulyana Sergeenko in this video the result was amazing, as usual.

And last but not least, the punk rock influences in ***Flawless made a statement (and I desperately want a plaid flannel shirt!)

Beyonce’s album raised the bar, and i’m curious to see if her next project is equally good or step back to her old rnb predictable songs but until then i’ll keep blasting this one cause guess what: it doesn’t get old.




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