Shakira’s only flaw

I am a huge fan of this woman. I love her music, I love her artistry, I love everything about her. She’s a great performer, vocalist and artist.  I’ve been a fan for over 8 years, and watching her career all these years I’ve only noticed one thing that’s negative about her.

It’s her style.

Shakira’s style has changed throughout the years. Ever since she sang in English the leather pants and shirts got replaced with tighter, sexier clothes. Nothing wrong with that, her style during Laundry Service years was the best she had adopted, it was totally unique and made her stand out, hence her grand success and evolution into a global superstar. The recent years, after having a diva-ish look during her third English album, She Wolf, Shakira seems to be lost when it comes to fashion. Her latest addiction is the thigh high boots  she wears almost in every appearance. She really, really, really LOVES these boots.

Unfortunately I don’t. Ever.  Maybe worn differently, but still : NO. They are not flattering her, and she has an awesome body!

Pretty Woman, anyone?


She loves matching these boots with short, tight dresses and fishnets (why, Shaki? This look hasn’t…well, was it EVER in fashion, I wonder?)  Her red carpet appearances have beendefinitely confusing; she goes from classic mermaid dresses (those from the 80s), to skin tight outfits, but always makes sure they are shimmery, cause Shakira adores shiny outfits. Glitz is EVERYTHING for her. Her main choices are silver, gold, or black. Mostly she choses black over anything else, which is classic but I’d love to see her in something completely different. It’s Spring, Shaki, dare to wear some colors and florals (D&G collection is to die for!).


Her street style is even more confusing, my guess is she just wants to be comfortable.

Rockish Shakira is always my favorite, though.


Shakira wants to look sexy; and she does, but not in the most fashionable way. She always looks better when she doesn’t try too much (hint hint the boots) and when she’s simple she looks much more youthful and fresh, without being over the top.


Shakira in white looks phenomenal! She should try on white outfits on the red carpet more often!

Either way she’s still my favorite popstar and I look forward to seeing her on tour soon. She may not be a fashion icon but she’s on top of her game for 23 years years now.






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